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200% More Breathable Than Traditional Foams

"The most awesome pillow you’ll ever own…and you can take it with you."

Travel System

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Each Pillow Is Infused With Up To 30% Natural Plant Oils

why volo

temperature & pressure neutral
why volo

volo pillows are 200% more breathable than traditional foams.


Travel System (patent pending)
Volo To GO

An easy way to sleep better when you travel.


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Steve R

“All around amazing pillow and customer service.”

Janette T

“Keeps me cool, and no more neck problems.”

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Volo Pillow

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Easy to use

The Volo-To-Go travel system is designed to be simple and easy to use. It consists of a soft fabric wrap that self-seals after the last roll, and a sturdy vinyl zippered carry tube to transport your Volo Pillow to places unknown.

The carry tube is designed to be large enough for a loose roll to accommodate arthritic or weaker hands or wrists. Or you could roll your Volo Pillow as tightly as you wish and have extra space in the carry tube for whatever else you may wish to carry.

How to Volo

Durable and versatile

Our Volo-To-Go travel system was on the drawing board for almost two years. The wrap is specially designed to be soft, thin and easy to roll, but it is very strong.

Once the pillow is rolled, the sealed wrap is very secure; it will not easily pop open. In fact, you can toss your rolled Volo Pillow in the air end over end and it will stay sealed.

And the carry tube is thick enough to be sturdy and strong without being overly heavy. The zipper on the top cap is heavy-duty, and the top and side handles are extra wide and thick.

Naturally cooler

The exclusive Italian technology creates larger cells in the Volo Pillows, allowing much more air-flow than any other foam material, keeping your Volo Pillow at a consistent temperature all night.

Our body temperatures go up and down as we go through our sleep cycles each night. Traditional memory foam pillows heat up and cool down during the night, causing your brain to try to fix this problem by telling your body to move --- tossing and turning, which takes you out of your sleep cycles.

With Volo Pillows, this “problem” doesn’t exist, which keeps you sleeping instead of fixing problems.

Better neck angle

Volo Pillows are engineered to be pressure-neutral, allowing for a natural neck angle that is perfect for most. No push-back to create an uncomfortable, too-high angle, and no over-compressing or shifting like traditional memory foam or feather pillows.

When your neck angle is either too high or too low, your brain will attempt to “fix” this by making your body shift and move, interrupting your natural sleep cycle.

Volo-Pillows are one-piece, molded pillows, instead of two pieces glued together, which produces a much more consistent feel, and, has the bonus of no chemical adhesives.